Mother of three who loves making personalized jewelry! name is Gena and I am the shop owner and jewelry maker...married and a mother to three. I come from a long line of creative family member but could not find my niche until I ran into metal stamps. I was obsessed from day one and have never slowed down since! I started hand crafting jewelry about 10 years ago for Christmas gifts and it spun out of control from there! I would make them for family, friends and co-workers and they just kept coming back for more! I started taking pictures of them and getting orders by word of mouth. A year later I opened my Etsy shop and within the next 2 years I was able to put in my 2 weeks notice and started my personalized jewelry business full time! By the grace of God, amazing customers and help from my beautiful family I hope to continue this on forever and then pass it down to them who now help me as I work out if my little ones! ;)

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